A form of government for xlandia

The skills they learned would ultimately translate into the workforce, and will help inspire entrepreneurship because the competition will be stiff, however this spark of skills and newly educated people will make everyone have hope for themselves.

A strong middle class will be made by the government eventually, hopefully through the use of government programs to help educate the rest of the Country and to help create higher places of learning. The legislative branch should be unicameral because a unicameral system allows for less gridlock, and it will help ease the Xlandians into Democracy.

The capital city grew on the seacoast to become an important port on shipping trade routes. Also, the upper elite would have a chance to get power in parliament to represent their region syet the people will also have a say here A form of government for xlandia they get to vote for them.

These regions still think of themselves as distinct from the others. This framework is known as a Constitution, and it is a set of fundamental principles created according to the desires and needs of those involved in its forging. In order for them to truly understand democracy, things have to be simple, and having things in one lace is a lot more simple than having things spread out everywhere.

People may migrate to different places or countries due to many factors. Within this Unitary system, a parliamentary system would be the weapon of choice because each region is bound to be represented in parliament. Use these videos when researching information to answer forum post 1.

Most of the army generals supported one of their own, Aref Pech, as he made plans for and led the overthrow of the dictator, and those who did not support him remained silent.

Otherwise this contradicts our need to have no dictator like characteristics within this new government.

Also, in my view, if we leave the vote of the chief to popular vote, the risks of votes themselves being blind is high, and because the Chief would have overwhelming influence, one small slip up could mean another dictatorship.

Ultimately because the work force is expanding, as we see in China right nowtheir economy will get a good boost from all the competition and numbers they will be generating because of the educational system.

A Form of Government for Xlandia

Newspapers were shut down and radio and television stations became mouthpieces for the dictatorship. Tribal loyalties are still strong in various rural regions, and although they were held together as a nation under the Sonto dictatorship, these regional groups now welcome the chance for greater independence given to them by the successful rebellion.

Education is key in developing good skills, and because a good portion of the Country would have a head start, they can move onto higher education while the others will eventually catch up.

Within this unitary system, a parliamentary system would be the weapon of choice because each region is bound to be represented in parliament. The more educated a people, the more complex they become and eventually new laws will be placed so as to help keep up with their progressing lives.

The representative system of the United States government is limited. Because education is so highlighted, as it is here in the USAthe military will certainly be upgraded due to the fact that the military comes from its people. Thus enforcing unity As for the executive powers, the chief executive must be elected by representatives, this encourages the people to really choose wisely when they vote for their representative in parliament because whoever they pick will elect their chief executive.

Also, in order to help keep each region to their own and to keep them happy, a multiple party system will be placed. Southern people found loopholes in the Constitution, the fact that the government created these laws showed power. Thus, to vote, you must pass a standard literacy test which tests for basics in reading and writing.

When the system of governmentRepresenting seven nations with varying experience in democratic government, the student groups consider parliamentary versus presidential systems, federalism, balancing power among the three branches, and the need to create conditions that will sustain democracy.

Xlandia's Government Reform Plan Constitution We propose that Xlandia have a written constitution because its previous unwritten constitution lead them to a dictator. Countries that have this include USA, Japan, France Xlandia should have a federalist parliamentary since it considers itself divided by its regions and it is inexperienced with democracy.

Guiding Question: How can we, as members of the United Nations Task Force on Xlandia's Government, recommend the most appropriate form of constitutional democratic government and provide advise on how to develop it so that Xlandia becomes a stable democratic environment?

In an Authoritarian government, it is controlled by a single person or a dominant elite, the military shows full support, the government Itself Is not accountable for Its actions, he media can be censored, and the public is not allowed to criticize the government. Federal Government Forms, by Agency: A.

Essay Example: A Form of Government for Xlandia

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A form of government for xlandia
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