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Opponents of the Nordic model criticize A geography of nordic countries high taxes, high degree of government intervention and relatively low gross domestic product and productivity, noting that these all limit economic growth. The largest minority group is from Poland. You may share this online and use the image above without permission, but please have all links point to this blog post, not to the PDF file.

Apart from Sami and the languages of minority groups speaking a variant of the majority language of a neighboring state, the following minority languages in Scandinavia are protected under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: Most of the population growth here has been due to immigration from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to name a few countries.

Pliny mentions Scandinavia one more time: It earned home rule power in andGreenland voted to hold more power under Greenlandic government than under Danish government.

YiddishRomani Chib, Romanes and Romani. The idea that "Scadinavia" may have been one of the "Scandiae" islands was instead introduced by Ptolemy c.

Has the most volcanoes in Europe Iceland has over volcanoes, of which are still active. Denmark was united with Norway and England at the beginning of the 11th century for about 30 years.

People Choose the activities that interest you the most. You can download this lesson plan including checklists as a PDF file. For example, Swedish is a mandatory subject in Finnish schoolssince Finland by law is a bilingual country.

Norway ruled the country from until when it separated from Denmark.

InSweden was forced to give territory to Russia. Has won the most Winter Olympic medals in history Norway, considered the home of modern skiing, is proud of its Winter Olympic medals gold since Although a Finnish region, the Aland Islands are autonomous and Swedish speaking.

Some early Swedish scholars of the Swedish Hyperborean school [30] and of the 19th-century romantic nationalism period proceeded to synthesize the different versions by inserting references to the Suiones, arguing that they must have been referred to in the original texts and obscured over time by spelling mistakes or various alterations.

Nordic countries

Following World War II, the economy was very strong. Two of the largest concerns are an aging population and influx of immigrants. In terms of an aging population, a large base of young taxpayers and a smaller population of older residents receiving services is the ideal scenario.

They point out that the Nordic Model redistributes assets, limits the amount of money available for personal spending and consumption and encourages reliance on government subsidized programs.Nordic Countries.

The geographic and cultural region of the Nordics encompass Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, and the Faroe and Aland Islands. The Nordic countries have a combined area of around million square kilometres and therefore the geography of the Nordic countries is extremely varied.

European Geography & Cultures Lesson Plan 4 ~ The Nordic Countries

The area is so vast that it is situated on five time zones. "Scandinavia" refers to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Some sources argue for the inclusion of the Faroe Islands, Finland and Iceland, though that broader region is usually known by the countries concerned as Norden (Finnish: Pohjoismaat, Icelandic: Norðurlöndin, Faroese: Norðurlond), or the Nordic countries.

Feb 26,  · Geography Quiz / Which Nordic Country? Random Geography or This or That Quiz Can you name the correct Nordic country from the given hint?

The Nordic Model: Pros and Cons

Has the most populous city of the Nordic countries: Finnish is a branch of the Finno-Ugric family, which also includes Estonian and Hungarian. The region of Scandinavia includes five countries and some of the highest living standards in the world.

When looking at a map, however, a lot of people having trouble keeping. The Nordic countries or the Nordics are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, where they are most.

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A geography of nordic countries
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