An analysis of the international charitable organization in countries

Therefore, the organization can examine the possibilities of donations from the federal governments of the countries they operate in the years when they have surpluses. Examples of these competing organizations include: Therefore to address this issue the organization should as well incorporate the peace initiatives in its mission in order to minimize the emergency occurrences.

ActionAid alone cannot be able to tackle the broad complex issue of poverty and injustices. The operations of the organization are not without some threats. This means that reforming the communities in each of the cases requires unique approach.

The field offices are therefore able to evaluate the needs of their individual countries. ActionAid should therefore focus on diversification in order to meet its objectives of a world free from poverty and injustices.

This is a great opportunity for the organization as they are already approved by the residents and their credibility having been verified makes it easier to raise funds.

They are classified in two categories based on whether the impact is positive or negative. A good example of the complexity of the situation is Africa.

International Charitable Organization

These organizations pose a threat to the organizations future funding. Some of the organizations address the same issues as actionAid and seek the funding from the same regions.

Despite the presence of the organization in Africa in the last 40 years, poverty and injustices still remain serious issues. There is also a gap in the geographical areas of operation the organization should focus on increasing its presence and seeking more funding Franklin This has led to the intensification of competition in terms of resources.

They took up roles that were initially meant for governments but owing to the limitations of resources, the governments are unable to deliver them. The operations of ActionAid can be likened to that of the Red Cross.

This was made possible through the consolidation of the information that has been gathered by the field offices. Competitive Advantage One of the unique features of this organization is their high level of decentralization.

Other factors such as the economic recession recently experienced affects the spending habits of the donating community and therefore the organization funding Brennan This should as well incorporate seeking funding from the countries they are operating in.

The organization should therefore seek alternative funding either by diversifying the regions of funding sources or applying the funds from the various funding institutions.

Recommendations ActionAid faces great challenges in their operations. ActionAid operates in areas that often experience humanitarian crises and at time inhibits and discourage the qualified personnel from carrying out their duties.

Another area that needs a closer examination is the collaboration with other organizations and the governments of the operating nations. ActionAid has some opportunities that are yet to be exploited. ActionAid aims to fully eradicate poverty and injustices in the world.

The organization should divert its attentions to incorporate funding from other sources as its reputation is wide.

In order to achieve this, more funding as well will be required. The initial strategy prior to the launching of the newer one in whereby the organization was only focusing on assisting people with only their immediate needs was misinformed. Since its inception back in the yearother charity organizations have come up.

The complexity of the matters can be ascertained by the fact that despite the presence of Action aid in the countries it operates in, the regions still continue to suffer poverty and injustices. This is quite a broad mission as the factors that contribute to them are far much complex.

It only provided a temporary solution only for the problem to reoccur. That is, opportunities and threats respectively.The political situation of most of the operation countries has fair regulation of international operations and the fact that it is a charity organization makes its acceptability easier.

Most of these countries are stable and charitable. Critical analysis of a Charitable Organization. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, the said charity organization had found its roots across the oceans in Australia on Now, it is already serving more than 20 neighboring countries in Pacific regions, and extends towards Africa.

This is an international charitable organization which operates in more than 40 countries. The organization campaigns against. Watch video · The World Giving Index – published annually by international nonprofit organization Charities Aid Foundation – looks at three measures: monetary giving, volunteering and helping of strangers in a typical month.

International Charitable Organization essay

The survey, published on Tuesday, was carried out in across countries. The International Charitable Nonprofit Subsector Scope, Size, and Revenue of the international subsector through an analysis of trends in their size, resources, Types of organizations in the international nonprofit Subsector, circa Type of nonprofit.

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An analysis of the international charitable organization in countries
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