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Today, Indian banking industry is enriched both in terms of offering value added services and delivering quality service. Banking activities also shifted their traditional scope and new concepts like personal banking, retailing, investment banking, corporate banking, agriculture and rural banking, social banking and bancassurance were introduced.

The another type that is card based it includes debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards or smart cards. Firstly, the report provides a basic overview In the s, the banking sector in India, manifest greater emphasis being placed on technology and innovation.

From long term point of view, electronics has a tremendous potential to improve the quality of people.

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Electronics therefore is very crucial in the context of tackling the national problems. The growth of various payment instruments are described as follows: Banking on Technology- prespectives on Indian banking industry by Ernest Young EY organisation The development of the Indian banking industry has been incredible over the past decade.

Electronics plays a catalytic role in enhancing production and productivity in key sectors of the economy, whether it relates to infrastructure, process industries, communication or even manpower training.

Credit card usage stands at 0. Far outpacing other economies in the world, China is the The remote sensing programme of the Indian Remote Sensing Organisation at Hyderabad has also gained a lot from industry. This field has expanded remarkably in the last few years with the development of items like compact disc players, digital audio tape, and microwave oven and satellite television reception systems.

In the last decade, India has shifted from traditional payment methods, i.

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The electronics industry in India goes back to the s and it was the introduction of transistor radio in the early sixties that began a steady growth phase in this sector.

It is therefore obvious that electronic is sectors of industry which is important in the national development efforts and can significantly contribute to the improvement of the quality of the people in our country. In the light of these requirements, two experts committees were set up in and under the chairmanship of M.

Most of the measures suggested by the Committees have been accepted by the Government. However, the progress has not been rapid enough to meet the competition on an international market. It is a fast growing sector of Indian economy. In recent times medical, electronics and systems for transportation and power utilities have become important segments on their own.

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A strong system supports higher levels of investment and promotes growth in the economy. Better computers again help to improve communication systems.for Samsung Electronics, Jong-Yong Yun, contacted our firm to request our service to prepare a financial overview for the record management team regarding the following segments: Statement of Changes in Owner's Equity, Statement of Cash Flows, Notes, and other Financial Information.

The global electronics manufacturing industry, valued at US$ trillion, is the largest and fastest growing manufacturing industry in the world, according to the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the industry is expected to reach US$ trillion by The worldwide electrical and electronic and computers industry is the most flourishing and extremely diversified sector consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, retailers, electrical engineers, electricians, electronic equipment manufacturers, and trade unions.

The electronics industry in India goes back to the s and it was the introduction of transistor radio in the early sixties that began a steady growth phase in this sector.

Further, the Department of Electronic was set up in Industry Analysis Essay Contents [hide] 1 Process Overview Read More. Words 5 Pages.

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These "revolutions" usually concern the refinement or replacement of a component that is fundamental to all electronic circuitry. While demand for related component parts remains relatively stable, the revolutionized component becomes a.

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An overview of electronic industry essay
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