Animal testing right or wrong

Animal Testing: Right or Wrong?

October 18, at Scientists need to find out things and animals can sometimes help them gain their answers, but animals can be mistreated and sometimes killed by scientists and their experiments.

Overall, this method is much better than conducting HIV experiments on humans. Experiments on living animals are leading medicine further and further from the real cure Because animals react to both diseases and medications differently from humans they should not be used Animal research has not aided in the fight against any major disease There is no connection between animal testing and human health A totally new approach is needed instead of animal testing Experiments on animals are leading medicine further and further from the real cure The writer begins his article with a quote in which it is stated that animal testing brings humans further away from the truth.

For people who think testing is OK, how would you feel if someone did to you what they do to bunnies? Animal testing has also assisted in developing vaccines against serious diseases and to help cure diseases. This cruelty has got to STOP! The ability to use mice includes the benefits that they can be reproduced quickly, the effects of medicine are seen quicker and is also cost-effective.

Animals have feelings as well! There is no connection between animal testing and the human health The writer states that there is no general connection between animal testing and human health. Neural systems underlying episodic memory: More essays like this: Specifically, animals are used in areas like biomedical research.

I love animals so much. How would you like it if they tested on you and it affected you badly? There has to be an easier way to find out how certain diseases affect us than hurting these poor creatures.

For example, if a new kind of vaccine for dogs is invented, it seems only right to test it on dogs. If you have asthma, would you use an inhaler? Yes, it can help humans and stop illnesses, but on the other hand if we carry on testing animals some of them might become extinct!

There are more animals used in the food industry in the UK than in animal testing. Just like humans, they deserve a fair life like us.

Arguments voice that animals should have the same rights as humans and yet others justify the use of animals because of the belief that animals do not have emotions and consciousness. I feel very strongly about this!!! Putting all those really cute unfortunate monkeys in pain so they can glow in the dark.

I think if people want to test they should make plastic animals because it would not hurt them.Animal Rights and the Ethics of Testing.

Search the site GO. Issues. Animal Rights Basics Animals in Entertainment organization, petitioned New York courts on behalf of four chimpanzees.

The filings argued that the chimps had a legal right to personhood, and therefore deserved to be freed. Pigs Pork and Animal Rights - What is Wrong.

Mar 22,  · It's certainly right to use any means of lessening human suffering and death, and animal testing has helped greatly with that. It's only childish emotions that make anyone say it's Resolved. Oct 14,  · The debate as to whether animal testing is acceptable or not has been debated greatly by agencies within the psychological, scientific and ethical communities.

What i want to hone in on today is whether it's ethical to use animals in research, and if. Free Essay: Ninety two percent of all animal testing that is effective on animals are ineffective on humans (ASPCA).

Animal testing: Right or Wrong? Essay Sample

Despite this alarming statistic. Transcript of Animal Testing: Right or Wrong? By Genevueve and Victoria Postive Aspects Negative Aspects Discussion!!!

Question 1 Do you think high school and college biology classes who are doing dissections on animals are considered animal cruelty?

Animal testing is a very controversial and debatable topic, but what do we really know about it, and how do we really feel about its usage? For clarification: animal testing for cosmetic purposes has already been banned in the European Union, yet it is still allowed in the United States.

Animal testing right or wrong
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