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To get customers to your product or service, they need to be informed of how your offering will benefit them, how it will meet their specific need. Gifts to avoid giving include: These societies are more likely to follow a caste system that does not allow significant upward mobility of its citizens.

In operations, it is all the more critical to have strong communication skills in order to get your point across. Men should also avoid wearing visible jewelry, particularly around the neck. As a result of this high Uncertainty Avoidance characteristic, the society does not readily accept change and is very risk adverse.

Men shake hands with other men. Some men will shake hands women, however it is advisable for a businesswoman to wait for a man to offer his hand. The ultimate goal of these populations is to control everything in order to eliminate or avoid the unexpected. This is the true Islam and what it means to be a Communication in the uae.

Islam is the religion that a Muslim follows, just as Christianity is the religion which a Christian follows. Do not point at another person. Often shoes are removed before entering a building. Gifts are not necessary, but appreciated.

If someone calling himself a Muslim and a follower of the Holy Prophet does not promote peace and love in his actions and does not follow this teaching, he cannot be a true follower of the Holy Prophet. In an effort to minimize or reduce this level of uncertainty, strict rules, laws, policies, and regulations are adopted and implemented.

A Muslim is someone who has accepted Islam and lives his whole life according to the teachings of Islam. Alcohol and pork are not consumed by those that observe the Muslim religion.

A look of baggy concealment should be the goal, pants or pant suits are not recommended. Hemlines, if not ankle-length should at least be well below the knee. Loyalty in a collectivist culture is paramount, and over-rides most other societal rules.

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Large power distance and uncertainty avoidance are the predominant characteristics for this region. Gesture and eat with the right hand.

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United Arab Emirates Behavior Avoid admiring an item to an excess, your host may feel obligated to give it to you. In the Muslim world, Friday is the day of rest.

There are several styles of greetings in use, it is best to wait for your counterpart to initiate the greeting. You will also have access to refreshments that may be more to your taste. A jacket and tie are usually required for men at business meetings.

Islam demands from its believers that they establish peace in the world, promote love and make such examples of themselves that others, knowing that they are Muslims, feel at peace and harmony in that knowledge. Traditional clothes on foreigners may be offensive. However, it must be done in a professional manner, in accordance with proper etiquette.

Through effective communication, your sales team can convey the unique selling points of your product or service, which will assist in securing sales. When offered a gift, it is impolite to refuse. When these two Dimensions are combined, it creates a situation where leaders have virtually ultimate power and authority, and the rules, laws and regulations developed by those in power, reinforce their own leadership and control.

These cultures are more likely to follow a caste system that does not allow significant upward mobility of its citizens. Men walking hand in hand is a sign a friendship.The importance of the statistical data on communication and information technology is evident in its contribution in the success of economic and social development plans and ensuring adequacy of telecommunications services in Dubai, in additional to achieve high quality enhancement of services.

Spread Communications have been responsive, proactive and flexible.


We required a Communications team that will come up with creative ideas, as well as expose our brand to the right stakeholders, Spread have solid media relations across the UAE & GCC which have helped us do this.”.

UAE Communication Styles- One of the most difficult concepts for many other cultures to grasp is the need to offer flattery in many business situations. United Arab Emirates Communications Do not discuss the subject of women, not even to inquire about the health of a wife or daughter.

The topic of Israel should also be avoided. Sports is an appropriate topic. Communication Skills Training in Dubai. Communication is critical. Regardless of the area of application, it is important to be able to communicate properly the intent and essence of your message to avoid confusion.

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ABOUT US. Founded in the UAE with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Q COMMUNICATIONS has a reputation for big ideas, new insights, relentless tenacity and achieving exceptional results for our clients – across the UAE.

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Communication in the uae
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