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For years, ADT has been the number one trusted source of protection for millions of families, homes and businesses. Focuses on manufacturing and supplying closed-circuit television systems, security cameras and digital recording devices.

But, fear not, you will receive an alarm manual to look over if you have questions after your system is installed. Dont fall for their process which is get in the house install the panel and then press hard for upsells by the time the panel is on the wall you have a hole in your wall and are less likely to ask them to leave.

Top among the physical security companies that I saw on the Inc. Sells and installs residential and commercial security and automation systems. Designs, manufactures and installs electronic and physical security systems that are used by federal agencies, including the Department of Defense.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Take a look for yourself at what people think about ADT monitoring by reading the home security reviews on the testimonials page of our website. The employees are paid upon sales commision and feed off of fear to sell you overpriced equipment.

People Do.

Installs and maintains advanced video surveillance and burglar alarm systems for high-rise residential towers, casinos, retail chains, and other customers. The future of home security monitoring is here. Designs and manufactures automated license plate recognition technologies for use in law enforcement and other public safety applications.

ADT®-Monitored Home Security

Users, such as the elderly or those with serious medical issues, wear a pendant with a speakerphone, and can push a button to call for help. See what our customers are saying about us! Designs and manufactures security devices that allow retailers to openly display electronic merchandise that poses a high risk of theft.

I could not have been more satisfied with his work ethics, performance, and attitude. VMS Alarms ranks on the List. Some of the people they hire would make me more than nervous if they were to knock on my door.

He even went above the call of duty by training my kids and other kids in the neighborhood on fire safety. Provides perimeter electric security fencing across the nation for industrial and commercial locations.

Designs, installs, and integrates technology that tracks, locates, and monitors people and products for government, education, and corporate customers. Serves as the primary distributor for represent Monitronics International, a producer of security and monitoring technology for burglar, fire and medical emergency systems.

Its offerings include both mobile and fixed cameras, mobile processors, the Talon recognition engine, VeriPlate mobile application software, and installation and support.Inthere was a restructuring at the top of DEFENDER Direct, with CEO and president Marcia Barnes exiting and company founder David Lindsey stepping in to take her place.

Now, the company announced today, it has a new president, and it’s a promotion from within. Jun 05,  · Defender direct has spent the last 11 years building up an "empire" of a company from a garage filled with friends.

I worked as a tech, Manager, and start-up manager in a new branch. I did make really great money, this was my first job coming out of the military and it was a great opportunity to support my family the way I wanted too.1/5. In the 18+ months I've worked with Defender Security, I can truthfully say that they, overall, are the best company I've ever worked for.

I've had none of the problems that I had while employed by Bald Eagle, such as pay problems. Defender Direct, Cincinnati. 18 likes. Local Service. i used to work for thomas and galibraith heating and cooling, i was fird while off work for a broken wrist, but the funny part is defender direct didnt have the nerve to tell me i was fired i had to find out when i went back to work on jan.5 i would not reccomend this company to any one /5(3).

Defender Direct Inc. provides dealer services for security and satellite companies. The Company offers marketing, sales, installation, and maintenance of Phone: () Vacation home security and maintenance is vital to your peace of mind.

That’s why we’re here to help give some extra thought to vacation home security. Learn about our vacation home security tactical tips so that you can help keep your occupants and property protected, even when you’re not there! more.

Defender direct
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