Design of a high speed multiplier

Schematic diagram of unsigned Array Multiplier is shown in Fig. On the other hand bipolar junction transistors offer high speed, high gain, and the low output resistance which are excellent properties for high-frequency, whereas CMOS technology offers high input resistance and is excellent for constructing simple, low-power logic gates.

But by increasing doping concentration only latch up problem is minimized. The gate delay propagation from low to high voltage will be low. In CMOS technology, these are typically parasitic devices. Proposed BiCMOS logic has advantages such as large load drive capabilities, low static power dissipation, fast switching and high input impedance.

Sakunthala Technical University, Chennai3. This kind of buffer is made to drive a bigger load than just a single inverter, and this has to do with speed.

Post-layout simulations are performed with standard TSMC 0. This is obtained cascading several inverters the most elementary CMOS gate with increasing channel width, so that the first has the required input capacitance and the last has the required driving strength.

For each inverter gate, there are corresponding pnp and npn parasitic bipolar elements. As a result of the feedback between the two transistors, there exist stable and unstable regions in the I—V characteristic.

Power is only dissipated in case the circuit actually switches. Section 6 gives the multiplier architectures, designed in this paper and output waveform are generated and displayed.

The multipliers are the main key structure for designing an energy efficient processor where a multiplier design decides the digital signal processors efficiency.

Section 4 presents the minimization of latch up in proposed system.

The pnp and npn transistors can be natural to the technology, or parasitic devices. This interaction between a three-region PNP and a three-region npn that share base and collector regions can be viewed as a four-region pnpn device [1—3].

The primary power reductions are obtained by tuning off MOS components through multiplexers when the operands of multiplier are zero. Because, if we double the channel width, we should also double the input capacitance of the gate, so the stage before will take twice the time to drive the gate.

An n bit Array multiplier has n x n array of AND gates to generate partial products, n x n-2 full adders and n half adders.

An Array multiplier [14] is very regular in structure. The problem is that a CMOS gate can drive a current proportionally to the width of its channel: In VLSI designs, the regular structures can be cemented over one another.

In addition, the proposed design achieves averages of 11 and 38 percent reduction in power consumption and delay with 46 percent less chip area in comparison with those counterparts for both unsigned and signed multipliers. This reduces the risk of mistakes and also reduces layout design time.

The proposed multiplier adopts ripple-carry adder with fewer additional hardware components. Previous article in issue. Each partial product bit is fed into a full adder which sums the partial product bit with the sum from the previous adder and a Each row of full adders or 3: The number of rows in array multiplier denotes length of the multiplier and width of each row denotes width of multiplicand.

Analysis of the conventional DSP applications shows that the average of zero input of operand in multiplier is So you need a gate which has the minimum possible input capacitance, while having as much as driving strength as possible. So, the need for low power multipliers has increased.

In the other side turning OFF the M2, makes no current reaches to Q2 Base, at the same time the M4 can discharge the electron charges in the Q2 base in a very short time.

The simulated waveform and its delay value is shown in fig. For each p- channel MOSFET metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor device, there is a corresponding parasitic pnp element formed between the p-channel diffusion, the n-well and the substrate.High speed computing systems have been very much demand in recent years, because of the fast growing technologies in scientific computing applications.

Designing a high speed multiplier will have a large impact on. The research paper published by IJSER journal is about DESIGN OF HIGH SPEED MULTIPLIER USING BICMOS LOGIC FOR LARGE LOAD.

Low power and high speed multiplier design with row bypassing and parallel architecture. The proposed low power and high speed multiplier with row bypassing and parallel architecture Unsigned bypassing multiplier design.

How to design a high speed and efficient modified booth multiplier? I have been trying since last few days to design a modified radix 4 booth multiplier.

I want to implement compressors, so as to. Design of High Speed Vedic Multiplier using Vedic Mathematics Techniques Kumar, mint-body.comhma SVEC College Tirupati, INDIA Abstract- This paper proposed the design of high speed Vedic Multiplier using the techniques of Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics that have been modified to improve performance.

Vedic Mathematics is. multiplier is a source of high power dissipation. Consequently, many algorithms have been suggested in different literatures aiming at improvising any one or more of.

Design of a high speed multiplier
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