Ecosystems mojave desert essay

Though there are a lot of organizations with the goal of preservation of the existing ecosystem and reducing the human influence to the possible minimum the human effect is still strong and damaging. The Mohave Desert is situated on the territory of the United States of America and is a well-known place, though sometimes considered not to be a desert on its own right [2].

Joshua tree is a yucca, but it is the largest yucca and as it has been mentioned before is to be found in the Mohave Desert only. Many believe that these lands controlled by the US Bureau of Land Management are not protecting these habitats enough. It starts with a regular cactus, able to store water and ends Ecosystems mojave desert essay with Joshua tree that is nowhere else to be found on the planet.

The albedo is considered to be a definite measure of the reflectivity of a body, in this case it is the territory of the desert. Most of them are xerophytes. The Mohave Desert forms a Ecosystems mojave desert essay desert ecosystem and is also the smallest out of the four mentioned North America deserts.

This usually produces the non-raining, dry climate. Such species as coyotes and Mohave rattlesnakes eat rats and other rodents and other small animals. Because of the increasing numbers of human populations more natural resources such as water, food, etc.

They are the most valuable for the desert and balance the erosional and depositional capacities of the desert [Bender ]. Lake Mohave and Lake Meal are well known in the association with this desert. The general precipitation usually ranges from 2 to 4 inches per year.

The other rocks to mention are the rock walls in the canyons of the Coso Range with ancient images on them. Such rock representatives as clay, silt, and eolian sand in Kelso Dunes belong to the Quaternary period.

The desert tortoise is usually no more than 15 inches in length and up to 6 inches high, live in burrows. The beauty of Mohave is known all over the world. The lower soil layers are rich with moisture owing to which the plants get the required water for their existance.

Analyzing the atmospheric characteristics it is very important to point out the role of the sun and the radiation that the territory of the Mohave Desert gets from it. Great Basin, Mohave, Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts.

When winter comes the Mohave rattlesnake learns how to get inside the minks of the rodents in order to eat them. It can be as high as 40 feet with a maximum diameter of 3 feet. It is not in summer and cold in winter.

Mining of hard rock minerals and borax is also presented in the desert, too. They are usually greenish or sometimes brownish. F in summer, the maximum known is ? It is characterized by the equatorial subtropical high-pressure belt and trade winds.

The plants that are in the area not only provide food for animals and insects but also give shade and shelter to them from the hot desert sun. California is the most populated state in the United States. Although they seem desolate and isolated and devoid of life, these areas are home to a multitude of organisms that are maintaining a delicate balance in this inhospitable environment.

The foothills function on the aridic soil moisture regime. The desert is full of isolated mountains, plateaus, alluvial fans, playas, basins, and dunes.

This 54, square mile desert has its own special type of diversity. The major peculiarity of the desert is the food chain. As it has been already said Mohave is a place of merging of the cool Great Basin and the hot climate of the Sonoran Desert.View Essay - The Physical Geography of the Mohave Desert Essay from ENGLISH at University of Houston.

The Physical Geography of the Mohave Desert Essay 1. Introduction 2. Basic map. Ecosystems - Mojave Desert Essay strategies have been implemented in response to the resilience and vulnerability of a selected ecosystem? The Mojave Desert is a world famous desert that occupies a significant amount of California and smaller parts in surrounding states.

Ecosystem Conservation Paper Essay Sample

Las Vegas is another example of a city which is built in a desert area of the Mojave. Tourism in deserts can have negative effects such as the off-road vehicles damage the sensitive desert ecosystem.3/5(5).

The Physical Geography of the Mohave Desert Essay

The Mojave Desert is a world famous desert that occupies a significant amount of California and smaller parts in surrounding states. Covering thousands of square kilometers, the ecosystems can range from meters below sea level up to meters above sea level.

In this lesson, you'll learn about the biodiversity that makes up a desert ecosystem. You will discover what makes a desert a desert and study the. Ecosystem Conservation Paper Essay Sample.

The ecosystem that I chose that I believe is in need of conservation is the Mojave Desert. This ecosystem is different in the fact that the desert is a much harsher environment and the plants and animals that live here have adapted to the harsh conditions and low water availability of this area.

Ecosystems mojave desert essay
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