First chapter of lord of the

Lord of the Flies (Chap. 1: The Sound of the Shell)

Amidst the squawking birds and scurrying furry things, the other boys come out of the woodwork. The hunters race back to the beach to steal fire.

Beast From Water Chapter 4: Here, the eye was first attracted to a black, bat-like creature that danced on the sand, and only later perceived the body above it. Ralph claims that his father, who is in the Navy, is going to come rescue them. There is a redheaded boy at the head of the pack "controlling them.

They do find tracks and wonder aloud what made them. And now we meet the rest of the cast. Their heads clustered above the trunks in the green shade; heads brown, fair, black, chestnut, sandy, mouse-colored; heads muttering, whispering, heads full of eyes that watched Ralph and speculated.

His trousers had been lowered for an obvious purpose and had only been pulled back half-way. Roger, Bill, Maurice, and other biguns escape into the woods, following Jack.

A deep, harsh note boomed under the palms, spread through the intricacies of the forest and echoed back from the pink granite of the mountain. Jack pulls his knife but falters, and the pig gets away; he vows fiercely that next time he will follow through.

The children who came along the beach, singly or in twos, leapt into visibility when they crossed the line from heat haze to nearer sand.

Lord of the Flies

The fat boy lags behind Ralph because of his "ass-mar," which is probably "asthma. Jack and the hunters return with a pig. Summoned by the blast of sound from the shell, boys start to straggle onto the beach. Eventually, they reach the end of the jungle, where high, sharp rocks jut toward steep mountains.

The sound of the shell calls the boys together for assemblies and to discuss important matters. Ralph wins the vote, although Jack clearly wants the position.

The fair-haired boy introduces himself as Ralph and the chubby one introduces himself as Piggy. Chapter 1 Summary A fair-haired boy lowers himself down some rocks toward a lagoon on a beach. Towards the end of chapter 1, the three explorers find a trapped pig.

Piggy is fat, suffers from asthma, and has no social skills. The two boys, bullet-headed and with hair like tow, flung themselves down and lay grinning and panting at Ralph like dogs.

Ralph blows the conch at the fort entrance. Simon wanders off, helps the littluns get fruit, and continues to an isolated location.The first chapter of the novel confirms that the boys have no society, no rules, and no concerns beyond personal survival.

All they have is a set of histories. The narrative thrust of the novel traces how the boys develop their own miniature society and the difficulties that inevitably arise from this development.

An English schoolboy of about twelve years old explores a jungle. A second boy soon joins the first. The first boy is tall, handsome, and athletic.

The second is fat and wears glasses. The boys discuss what happened and how they got to the jungle. About “Lord of the Flies (Chap. 1: The Sound of the Shell)” Lord of the Flies is a novel by Nobel Prize-winning English author William Golding. The plot is about a group of British boys, who are stuck on an uninhabited island and try to govern themselves with disastrous results.

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We promise. In this first chapter, Golding establishes the parameters within which this civilization functions. To begin with, it is populated solely with boys—the group of young English schoolboys shot down over the tropical island where the novel takes place.

First chapter of lord of the
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