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The revolution spread throughout Germany, and participants seized military and civil powers in individual cities. The back depicts a man rolling up his sleeves for work during the day and a woman sleeping at night.

Weimar Republic

The stamps in this collection are all original unused stamps however some may be slightly torn or damaged. The Nazis banned the Communist party while still maintaining a facade of democracy, and there was a relatively free vote with the Communists "abstaining" due to mostly being in jail on whether Hitler should be given the power to make laws on his own.

Their new constitution was supposed to be the Best Constitution Ever, thus uniting the best things considered from the constitutions of the most successful western democracies: It is dated September 30, The Treaty of Versailles imposed a huge debt on Germany that could be paid only in gold or foreign currency.

However Albrecht was granted dispensations from Pope Leo X after he made a large contribution to the Pope to help pay for the rebuilding of St.

History- Notes on the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany

It is struck in. The notes are in original Uncirculated condition, however some notes may have received minor damage in storage over the years, so we will call the set AU-UNC.

The coin is approximately the size of a Half Dollar and has an unusual lettered edge.

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Germany lost the war because the country ran out of allies and its economic resources were running out; support among the population began to crumble in and by mid there was support for the war only among the die-hard monarchists and conservatives. The back features children holding tools and a worker carrying a hammer.

Other than that, there were only a few other changes: The note measures xmm. The government argued in detail that the interests of creditors and debtors had to be fair and balanced.

Defeat in the war looked inevitable for Germany, the British blockade on Germany ports created serious food shortages and there were many calls for the country to make peace. One side depicts a Nazi Eagle holding a swastika with the legend "Deutsches Reich", along with the date and denomination.

It was struck only 2 years, andbefore being replaced in with a new design featuring Paul von Hindenburg. Many German civilians expected life to return to prewar normalcy following the removal of the naval blockade in June One side of the coin had the denomination and date within an oak wreath.

In January, the Spartacist League and others in the streets of Berlin made more armed attempts to establish communism, known as the Spartacist uprising. Today it is known for being a major cause of cancer.Jul 30,  · Topic 2 - Weimar Republic Notes ~ Weimar Republic Notes ~ Establishment: v Germany agreed to an Armistice on Nov 11 th v By early Nov many cities had been taken over by workers’ and soldiers’ councils.

v From tothere was. WJEC GCSE History Paper 1 Germany Revision Booklet. 2 Germany – Weimar Republic* *Weimar is the town the politicians met in and a Republic is a country without a King or Queen Too many notes in the economy meant that prices went out of control.

Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start? What impact did the First World War have on Germany? Defeat in the war looked inevitable for Germany, the British blockade on Germany ports created serious food shortages and there were many calls for.


The people of Germany blamed the Weimar Republic rather than their wartime leaders for the country's defeat and for the humiliating terms of the Treaty of the loss of the colonies, and worsening debt balances, exacerbated by an exorbitant issue of promissory notes raising money to pay for the war.

Military-industrial activity had almost Capital: Berlin. Germany revision notes number 1: Weimar Germany, Please remember that these are revision notes. You need to make full use of your exercise book and. Weimar Germany and Nazi Germany Notes - Thomas Vanderstichele 1.

1Germany ()9thNovember Kaiser abdicated Kaiser Wilhelm II went into exile in the NetherlandsthNovemberArmistice Signed Matthias Erzberger representing the new governmentsigns the armistice.

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Germany weimar notes
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