How to write a personification story

When Not to Use Personification Personification should not be used in technical writing or scientific papers. Personification is when you give human qualities or abilities to an object or animal.

My house is a friend who protects me. Perhaps if you did something for us I will never belong there for as long as I exist. There are pictures of them doing it, swear it! He opened the jar full of paint and dipped me inside. Her dress was a bright orange with a matching flower in her hair.

The wind whispered through dry grass. I felt excitement fill me as my new owner pulled me out of his pocket. Remember how scary she was? Here it helps the author build a more believable story, as the reader will be drawn in by the emotions the object is "feeling.

It was early morning — I met a cat yawning and stretching in the street. Big chandeliers hung from the ceiling, big antique looking couches were set up in the large room.

Tell them Leprosy sent you. On my way to the dump, however, I was able to poke a hole in the side of the black garbage bag. The girl got bored of me and threw me in the trash like I was a piece of garbage. Black Death opened her mouth to say something, but Cholera covered her mouth.

The girl was a monster. The skyscraper was so tall that it seemed to kiss the sky. As soon as Ebola entered the room, however, they all fell silent and glared at her. The door protested as it opened slowly.

The Waste Land By T. Our traveling habits have tired us.

Personification Examples

When he came out of the house of his deceased friend, everything looked to him to be weeping.Personification is a figure of speech in which a thing – an idea or an animal – is given human attributes. The non-human objects are portrayed in such a way that we feel they have the ability to act like human beings.

For example, when we say, “The sky weeps,” we are giving the sky the ability to cry, which is a human quality.

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Write a story that include personification of an object. (Similar to the school supply stories.) Be sure to include specific details so readers are able to determine the object you are writing about.

See some examples of personification for kids. Personification is when you give human qualities or abilities to an object or animal. It is a literary tool that adds interest and fun to a poem or story. It is a literary tool that adds interest and fun to a poem or story.

How to Use Personification in Writing

When a writer brings a non-human object to life it can help us. A 2-page personification story for 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade. This is a "day in the life" sample story about an electric pencil sharpener's daily experiences in the classroom. For a lesson on personification, my students choose an object in our classroom and write "a day in the life" personification stories from the object's point of view.4/5(59).

Search by Tag: personification. In the movie “Beauty and the Beast” there is a lot of personification, however, my favorite character is Chip.

Chip is a teacup, his mother, Mrs. Potts, is a teakettle. Chip is a lively young boy. personification, pets, quirky, school, story, Strange, talking animals, teacher, unexpected, Weird Read.


"The Story of a Garden," by Mabel Wright; Examples and Observations "Personification, with allegory, was the literary rage in the 18th century, What Is a Synopsis and How Do You Write One?

Double Entendres: Does She or Doesn't She? A Definition of Simile With Examples.

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How to write a personification story
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