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The ball impacted against the bat with a loud noise. It is possible that the Impact of it started attracting more displeasure when it began being widely used in a figurative sense as a transitive verb "we expect the recession to impact the company". Choose the Right Synonym for impact Noun impactcollisionshockconcussion mean a forceful, even violent contact between two or more things.

Show More verb used without object to have impact or make contact forcefully: The impact of the colliding cars broke the windshield.

Noun No one could have survived such an impact. Show More First recorded in —85; noun and v. Increased demand will impact on sales. Verb You may occasionally run into claims that impact is not a verb, or that it is somehow ill-suited to a role in this part of speech.

There was little indication of the impact of rising U.

The poor economy is impacting on small businesses. The tax increase will impact low-income families the most. Show More to drive or press closely or firmly into something; pack in. The word is certainly a verb, although before using it in this manner in writing it is worth considering your audience, and whether members of it are likely to consider this use problematic.

How have recent signings panned out?

These warnings have been heard so often that they have lost their impact. See more synonyms for impact on Thesaurus. She expects to make an immediate impact at work.

Although recent, the new uses are entirely standard and most likely to occur in formal speech and writing. The book had a huge impact when it first came out.

Lennox Samuels December 30, And the hope is that if you can change their individual lives, it will have an impact on their families. We need to be concerned about the environmental impacts of all this construction.

Examples of impact in a Sentence Verb No one is sure how these changes will impact our relations with other countries. Campbell Brown December 21, The change is also likely to impact the potential paydays of Cuban players coming to the United States. Noun Bastian said the company has had early success in covering higher fuel costs, offsetting two-thirds of the impact of the fuel cost increase in the June quarter.

The decision may impact your whole career.

Now He Is Running for City Council," 6 July Most are Impact of it a more affordable lifestyle, as well as a stronger sense of community and the opportunity to make more of an impact.

Both events negatively impacted her life. Not only is that not the case, but the verb form of impact is much older than the noun form. Batya Ungar-Sargon January 1, Strong currents and winds, however, mean any debris could be drifting up to 31 miles a day eastward, away from the impact zone.Impact Announcements Impact Radius Rebrands as Impact Announcing the launch of Impact, our new corporate identity, and the debut of a new software platform that natively integrates our three products – Forensiq, Altitude, and Radius.

Based on the above requirement and understanding that FAOs and groups must enter the IMPACT system prior to individual providers; the department will further extend the revalidation due date for Individual/Sole providers to June 30, Welcome to ImPACT Applications company site.

Find concussion assessment tools and resources and get educated about concussion care. Let us help you to. Choose the Right Synonym for impact.

Noun. impact, collision, shock, concussion mean a forceful, even violent contact between two or more things. impact may be used to imply contact between two things, at least one of which is impelled toward the other.

the glass shattered on impact with the floor collision implies the coming together of two or more things with such force that both or all are. IMPACT is a multi-agency effort to replace Illinois’ legacy Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) with a web-based system to give providers a more convenient and consistent user experience, and to ensure clients receive timely and high-quality Medicaid services.

The current phase of IMPACT. The verb impact has developed the transitive sense “to have an impact or effect on” (The structured reading program has done more to impact the elementary schools than any other single factor) and the intransitive sense “to have an impact or effect”.

Impact of it
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