Lead iodide precipitate lab report essay

More essays like this: The calculated mole ratio is 2 KI: The addition of a few drops of 1M HCl is useful — lead carbonate formed in impure water has a very low Lead iodide precipitate lab report essay and the haziness of its precipitate can ruin the effect.

Safety Wear eye protection. Students can visualise the behaviour of charged particles in solutions and model what happens when the liquid evaporates or when other ions, which may attract the original ones more strongly, are introduced.

Mass of lead II nitrate: This process can take an hour or more, so return to the flask later in the lesson or have a pre-prepared sample to hand. I was able to achieve the aim as I was able to calculate the limiting reagent and the percent yield.

I show the reaction again to my older students and ask them to sketch particle diagrams to explain what they are seeing. The limiting reactant in this experiment is lead nitrate and the formula for the insoluble solid, lead iodide, is PbI2.

Once again, 3mL of DI H2O were added to the test tube and centrifuged by 2 minutes followed by the removal of the supernatant. Conclusion In conclusion the experiment went very well, there were no major limitation or weaknesses.

Next, quickly add the remainder of the lead nitrate. According to the class data, the formula of the lead iodide precipitate is PbI2.

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After letting the reaction had occur for some minutes. Hodder Education, V Kind, Beyond appearances: Both are dissolved in water and the reaction between these solutes will produce a water insoluble yellow solid referred to as the precipitate.

Number of moles of PbI2: The test tube was then placed in a 50mL beaker, which was then placed inside of a C oven for 30 minutes.

We began the experiment with a mass of 2. Number of moles of KI: Precipitation reactions occur when oppositely charged ions attract and form an insoluble ionic solid. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Using larger amount of the substances the precision will be higher. Molecular mass of PbI2: Followed by the addition of 2mL of 0. Any substance with solubility less than 0. Supernatant was removed and properly discarded. The tiny crystals of lead iodide that form swirl beautifully in the flask and the concentration gradients combine to generate an effect that looks like the atmosphere of a glittering gas giant.

Using a clean sterile pipette, 2mL of 1. The precipitate can be recrystallised to form more homogeneous crystals. The mole ratio is 2 mmol KI: Molecular mass of KI: The distilled water kept clear. The solution turned opaque yellow, the color started spreading along the solution as soon as the lead II nitrate was added.

The Analysis of Lead(Ii) Iodide Essay Sample

Wash hands thoroughly after the demonstration. Once the supernatant was discarded, 3mL of DI H2O were added to the test tube using a sterile pipette and centrifuged for 2 minutes.

I was able to measure very precise and accurate readings. The formula of the insoluble product, lead iodide PbI2can be written by balancing charges.

Lab Report Essay - Part 4

The second product of this reaction, potassium nitrate KNO3will remain in the solution. References K Taber, Teaching secondary chemistry2nd ed. The potassium iodide is in excess to maximise the chances of precipitating lead ions out of solution and reducing the possibility of washing away dissolved lead during disposal.convert the lead(II) iodide into lead(II) sulfate, determine its mass, and therefore the lead content of your lead(II) down and do not take it into the lab room.

If you should spill any of the basic lead carbonate,let us know As you approach the neutralization point you will see precipitate form where the drop.

If lead is dissolved in nitric acid and then allowed to react with potassium iodide, an insoluble lead iodide compound is formed. The mass of iodide in the lead iodide compound can be calculated by deducting the initial mass of lead from the mass of the precipitate.

Lead iodide can be obtained as a yellow precipitate by mixing solutions of lead (II) nitrate and potassium iodide. It is sparingly soluble in cold water but quite soluble in hot water, yielding a colorless solution; on cooling it crystallizes as yellow hexagonal platelets.

sp then solid AgCl will precipitate from solution. Using this second approach, we appearance of paleyellow lead(II) iodide (PbI-2) 4. Obtain about mL of the M lead(II) nitrate solution in a clean, dry, labeled mL - beaker.

Using a pipet bulb, draw. Oct 22,  · (Lead Iodide) Purpose: The purpose of this lab is the precipitate lead iodide in an unusual way. Note: The process of precipitation usually. Oct 08,  · A solution of lead (II) nitrate is dropped into a solution of potassium iodide, forming a brilliant yellow lead (II) iodide precipitate.

Lead iodide precipitate lab report essay
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