Literary essays of ezra pound contents

When Joyce and family arrived in Paris in July, Pound was there to help them settle: Among his other writings are Make It New: He persuaded Harriet Monroe to publish T.

Literary Essays Of Ezra Pound

Eliot declared that Pound "is more responsible for the twentieth-century revolution in poetry than is any other individual. Eliot is considered by many to be a literary genius and one of the most influential men of letters during the half-century after World War I.

About these requirements, Pound was concise but insistent: Pound "is that rare thing among modern poets, a scholar," wrote one anonymous reviewer in the December, Spectator, adding that Pound has "the capacity for remarkable poetic achievement.

This period of creativity also resulted in another collection of verse including "Gerontian" and culminated in The Waste Land, a masterpiece published in and produced partly during a period of psychological breakdown while married to his wife, Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot. At night floodlights lit his prison.

Under the showy surface, however, the extra-poetic Pound reveals an all too human concern with vanity wounded by questions of publication, remuneration and reputation.

He espoused some of the general applications of fascism and also was a strong advocate of anti-Semitism. I cannot make it cohere. Eliot, was one of the two main influences on British and U. With fragmentary, telescoped units of information arranged in unfamiliar ways, the Cantos confounded critics.

His religious poetry culminated in Four Quartets, published individually from onward and collectively in Pound graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and went abroad to live in First he imitated the troubadours; then he came under the influence of the Chinese and Japanese poets. Cummingspolitical ruminations with U.

To these models, Pound added the teachings of Confucius, historical material, and information from his immediate experience. For the greater part of this century, however, Pound devoted his energies to advancing the art of poetry and maintaining his aesthetic standards in the midst of extreme adversity.

Ezra Pound

Edited letter collections include correspondence with poets William Carlos Williams and E. During his lifetime, Eliot received many honors and awards, including the Nobel Prize for literature in It is a tragedy, since he is our best poet. Pound contributed scores of reviews and critical articles to various periodicals such as the New Age, the Egoist, the Little Review and Poetry, where he articulated his aesthetic principles and indicated his literary, artistic, and musical preferences, thus offering information helpful for interpreting his poetry.

He developed such doctrines as the "dissociation of sensibility" and the "objective correlative" and elaborated his views on wit and on the relation of tradition to the individual talent. In remarks first recorded in the March, Poetry and later collected in his Literary Essays as "A Retrospect," Pound explained his new literary direction.

In addition to his contributions in poetry and criticism, Eliot is the pivotal verse dramatist of this century.

He stayed in the hospital until when Robert Frost led a successful effort to free the poet. The outbreak of World War I prevented his return to the United States, and, persuaded by Ezra Pound to remain in England, he decided to settle there permanently. Eventually judged to be mentally incompetent to stand trial, Pound was incarcerated in St.

By the time Pound left London for Paris in December,he had already accomplished enough to assure himself a place of first importance in twentieth-century literature. Eliot attended Harvard University, with time abroad pursuing graduate studies at the Sorbonne, Marburg, and Oxford.

His early attacks on romantic poets, for example, often reveal him as a romantic against the grain. He sells their pictures Between and Pound attended Cheltenham Military Academy, sometimes as a boarder, where he specialized in Latin. Army and kept imprisoned in a small, outdoor wire cage at a compound near Pisa, Italy.

On October 21,he responded to Williams, "It seems to me you might as well say that Shakespeare is dissolute in his plays because Falstaff is Selected Letters, the written correspondence between these two friends was vast, numbering more than twenty-seven hundred items.

As editor of the influential literary magazine The Criterion, he turned his hand to social as well as literary criticism, with an increasingly conservative orientation. In his article "How I Began," collected in Literary Essays, Pound claimed that as a youth he had resolved to "know more about poetry than any man living.

His progression from the pageant The Rock and Murder in the Cathedralwritten for the Canterbury Festival, through The Family Reunion and The Cocktail Partya West End hit, was thus a matter of neutralizing obvious poetic effects and bringing prose passages into the flow of verse. He followed the lead of William Butler Yeats in attempting to revive metrical language in the theater.

I picked out this and that thing that interested me, and then jumbled them into a bag. An admirer of Mussolini, he lived in fascist Italy beginning in EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags).

Ezra Pound, Ezra Weston Loomis Pound ("Ezra Pound"), along with T. S. Eliot, was one of the two main influences on British and U.S.

poetry between the two world wars. Pound was born in a small, two-storey house in Hailey, Idaho Territory on October 30, /5(2).

Ezra Pound, Ezra Weston Loomis Pound ("Ezra Pound"), along with T.

Literary essays of Ezra Pound

S. Eliot, was one of the two main influences on British and U.S. poetry between the two world wars. Pound was born in a small, two-storey house in Hailey, Idaho Territory on October 30, /5(4).

Literary Essays of Ezra Pound [Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For this definitive collection of Pound's Literary Essays, his friend (and English editor) T.

S. Eliot chose material from five earlier volumes: Pavannes and Divisions ()5/5(8). Pound, Ezra, Literary Essays of Ezra Pound, edited and with an introduction by T. S. Eliot, New Directions, Pound, Ezra, Pound/Joyce: The Letters of Ezra Pound to James Joyce, edited by Forrest Read, New Directions, Get this from a library!

Literary essays of Ezra Pound. [Ezra Pound].

Literary essays of ezra pound contents
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