Ryanair customer segmentation

The calendar shows scantily clad flight attendants posing in front of jet engines, fuel pumps and tool kits. Where as Aer Lingus flies in the long-haul routes. This may be a challenge as Ryanair already operates on low margins and uses the economy of scale to get profits.

Dissatisfaction among employees and poor processes: This poses the biggest threat to, not just Ryanair, but the entire air travel industry. InRyanair hugely benefitted from the European airline deregulation and by were flying to 45 destinations throughout Europe and transporting around 6 million passengers.

The programme alleged inadequate safety and security checks, dirty planes, exhausted cabin crew and pilots complaining about the number of hours they fly.

Evaluating Ryanair against best practices indicates there is much to be done. Agents are the booking agents who book flights based on the needs of their own customers. Airlines will need to constantly adapt new strategies to avoid losing market share. We asked them what they wanted, and they said these facilities.

Using a single type of aircraft also means Ryanair customer segmentation Ryanair saves on obtaining spares and services from the aircraft manufacturer. This also means that Ryanair flights spend less time hovering over the airport, thereby saving Ryanair precious fuel and time.

Of course, the difficulty with this market segment is attracting them in the first place they are far less willing to switch between airline brands.

Partnering to Build Customer Relationships.

Ryanair sets out plans to attract families

Their most commonly used medium of advertising is their website, which is available in 20 different languages. And, the calendar sold like hot cakes, selling all 10, copies in just 4 weeks.

In terms of this market segment, it is important to remember that some consumers in this segment low income earners, but other consumers are simply using price as a point of differentiation in their purchase decision.

It can be argued that Ryanair can use either of these segmentations, but I recommend them to use the former — based on type of customers. Since Ryanair is the cost-leader in the airline industry, they can offer cheapest fares.

The move to attract families is the latest in a series of Ryanair rebrands in less than a year since its chief executive declared a switch in strategy to stop "unnecessarily pissing people off", including allocated seating, less punitive charges and a new website.

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Market segmentation example for airlines

Follow Alan on Twitter: Ryanair has plans to order new air planes to expand its current fleet and thereby cater to the expansion plans. Needless to say, this market is relatively brand loyal to an airline and is quite price insensitive. Proposed acquisition of Aer Lingus: Ryanair earns commission from the products linked to Ryanair.

The services that Ryanair provides most suit the needs of customers with low flying budget. Propose recommendations regarding what marketing strategies Ryanair can adopt to remain competitive. And that brings them squarely into competition with the likes of Easyjet who have had a digital focus for some time.

Expansion into Eastern Europe: The proposed acquisition would probably result in a change of strategy for Ryanair. Ryanair maintains low operating costs by keeping their marketing budget very low, charging passengers for checking in their luggage, charging for meals, charging the passengers a fee to use the toilets etc.

Improving employee satisfaction can be a challenge for Ryanair as this may increase their costs. Also, since Ryanair is a low-cost carrier, their majority of customers are price conscious. Content Offering valuable content is an increasingly important element of companies inbound marketing strategies, and further investment in content creation by Ryanair will be required.

Families can also book further trips at a reduced price. Using customer data to good effect while ensuring data privacy will offer significant value and their ongoing investment in top IT talent like data scientists will pay dividends.

A number of other airlines are planning a similar move in the near future. Ryanair uses a single type of aircraft Boeing s to fly on all routes, thereby minimising the cost involved in training its staff.

This is an ideal target market for airlines, as they provide a long-term customer base. The database can then help Ryanair better Target their customers by understanding their customers.Ryanair carrypassengers a day, million passengers a month, of which million are unique passengers.

Whilst advertisers currently spend € million in European airports alone, the Aeropanel can reach the same audience outside of the clutter and mayhem of the modern airport environment.


Ryanair says up to 20% of its 81 million customers are travelling as families and it wants to raise that figure. Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair's chief marketing officer, said: "Families are a big deal for us. Segmentation and customer profile.

Ryanair to target businesses, families with 'flexible fares'

Segmentation is dividing a market into a smaller groups that shared similar needs, wants, characteristics, and behaviours towards the goods and services.

(reference). The market segmentation is a must and important to the all oraganizations. Ryanair boss says combination of low fares and customer service has ‘revolutionised airline industry’ As profits, revenues and customer numbers all increase, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary admits he made a mistake in not focusing on customer service and marketing sooner.

Market segmentation leads to an efficient distribution of services to the right customers. Thanks to it, theats are eliminated, opportunities are created. A competitive industry, like the airline industry, uses this concept in order to eliminate service homogeneity.

In this market segmentation example for airlines, five distinct market segments are identified each having quite distinct needs and different evaluation and purchase approaches.

These five market segments (as shown in the following diagram as well) are: This is an ideal target market for airlines, as they provide a long-term customer base.

Ryanair customer segmentation
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