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Anytime a small, focused brand like Snapple is acquired by a large corporation, they take on some brand confusion. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. They were not going to make the same mistakes that Quaker made.

For this reason, Snapple gained appeal through alternative means of marketing. In a time of increased competition, Snapple was able to leverage its original brand equity through its core associations of all natural, fun, innovative and quirky.

They began to shift back towards purchasing other read-to-drink beverages. Also, large companies tend to have ore standardized marketing efforts. Some saw this as a great opportunity for both companies as there were synergies between them.

For example, a family in New Jersey even gave their son the middle name Snapple. Triarc invested heavily in product development and used dynamic marketing strategies to differentiate Snapple from its competitors.

Rather than revamping the strategies Snapple had success with, Quaker Snapple case imp towards drastic changes. She was a company employee and started by answering consumer letters.

Even Gatorade, one of the most popular ready-to-drink beverages, is constantly expanding upon their line. Later, she became the unofficial spokesperson of Snapple. Companies were coming out with fruit based drinks again Nantucket Nectar etc. Although Snapple was good at reaching its target market, its largest disadvantage in the early years was how small their niche was.

Most importantly, they had to reconnect the brand with its consumers. Luckily for Triarc, the new-aged consumer was changing again. With constant consumer boredom, product development and fluctuation of flavors is important.

Because Cadbury is so large, they may dilute the brand by wrongly marketing the product towards a group of consumers much too large for Snapple. The new aged consumers that had previously bought Snapple were getting bored. Cadbury was able to capitalize on the synergies between Snapple and their current products.

Unfortunately for Quaker, the two channels were not compatible. After acquiring Snapple to enter the food and beverage sector, Triarc faced many challenges. Snapple has always benefitted from alternative means of marketing.

Their new products and alternative means of marketing returned Snapple to the success it had once had.

Cadbury was much smarter than Quaker in their acquisition as well. The huge growth Snapple was able to achieve was due in part to the almost cultish fan base that Snapple developed.

Studies showed that ready-to-drink beverages were selected almost strictly based upon fashion, taste, and status related considerations. If they feel they can properly manage Snapple, they need to revisit the alternative means of marketing and use the grassroot activities that Triarc was successful with.

Triarc also used grassroots activities and reintroduced Wendy who helped bring back the fun and quirky image of Snapple. However, the targeted consumer was changing. Triarc had to reverse sales, revamp the distribution system and create new products that would enable growth.

They used product placements Seinfeld and Sleepless in Seattlesponsorship from celebrities, consumer composed jingles, and other alternative means to get consumers to believe they were a fun, innovative, popular and fashionable brand.

Quaker attempted to respond to its bored consumer, but was too slow to react.

However, Snapple faced some very different dangers in the Cadbury acquisition compared to the Quaker acquisition.Shop for Snapple Tea in Beverages. Buy products such as Snapple Peach Iced Tea, oz, 16 pack, Snapple Takes 2 to Mango Tea, 16 fl oz, 6 pack at Walmart and save.

Team: Prakash Chandrasekar () Prateek Shreemal () Raj Shekhar () Rajagopal Sampath() Rakesh Kumar Choudhary()5/5(1). ´╗┐Snapple Case Analysis Snapple Case Analysis InSnapple had a modest beginning in Brooklyn, New York Initially, Snapple beverages were sold to health-food stores and Snapple became successful by launching innovative products, based on fruit juices and teas, into the beverage market.

Product Features Each case contains 12 boxes, each box has 6 packets of diet Snapple. Snapple case imp. SNAPPLE CASE Table of Contents Question 1 ´╗┐ Snapple Case Study Despite the fact that many small startup premium fruit drink companies stayed small or even disappeared during the period from toSnapple was able to flourish.

-Snapple is present everywhere on the East Coast -Beginning in New York City -Foundation of Unadulterated Food Products and creation on the Snapple brand Triarc Company acquires Snapple Quaker bought Snapple for $ billion Arnie Greenberg, Leonard Marsh & Hyman Golden start to.

Snapple case imp
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