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Many of the problems with predictive policing seen so far arise from giving algorithms too much weight compared with human judgment; blindly following a computer program that directs more officers to a certain location at a certain time does nothing to guarantee fair and effective use of that force.

Greg Mathis,p.

Conclusion: Police Innovation and the Future of Policing

Together, they perfectly match the current obsession with big data and the mathematical prediction of human actions. For example, criminals identify getting punishment or imprisonment before committing any crimes.

On the other hand, police may act as conveyors between some secondary control system and some non-tertiary control systems Goldstein, This is a form of social control which is practiced by indivuals independently.

According to John C. Informal social control refers to the ability of individual and networks to keep the public goods and service secure.

Police officials used the Patriot Act to allow themselves to personal files The future of policing essay Iraqi refugees under the suspicion of possible terrorist activity Roberts, This may go in direct conflict with certain police assignments.

This however goes against any ethics learned as a police officer. As a result either the police officer or the suspect ends up getting seriously hurt or killed.

Gone are the days of combing a file drawer full of photo mug shots. The future of policing Is a double edged sword, with the Increase of technology and Its uses comes the need to safeguard American rights. Cambridge University Press, As Kipperman and Ferguson point out, independent review and broad protections are an essential part of rising to those challenges.

This is a free Essay on Policing in the Future. These three types of social control levels are distinct but can be related at sometimes. Even without a full stop-and-frisk approach, predictive policing means that more people, whether innocent or guilty, are scrutinised in hot zones.

Think about pulling over a car, finding it full of intoxicated passengers and no driver. So that got me to thinking, what is our collective law enforcement policy on unmanned vehicles? In general, public finds police intimidating so use of force is not necessary in every instance. The evidence shows that the terrorists used the smart data to maximize their body count.

With a background in local, national, and international law enforcement, he offered a fascinating perspective on what technologies police will be facing in the not too distant future.

Some of the widely used theories used by criminologists are Rational Choice Theory, Social disorganisation theory, Strain theory, Social learning theory, Social control theory, Labelling theory etc.

Throughout the day, I tried to focus the information on how it would effect law enforcement. Just like any technology, however, it can be abused. It Is very easy to take an advantage and run with It, this may be the biggest challenge for policing in the future.

Parochial social control refers to the control exerted by one community on another which operates in one geographical area. Alternatively, they might support one secondary control supporter over other.Future of Policing Essay Words | 7 Pages.

Future of Policing The future of policing is fairly clear in what direction it is heading.

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It has been slowly reforming to meet the needs of the people, reduce crime, and make policing more efficient. Excerpt from Essay: Ethics, Terrorism, & the Future of Policing The devastating attacks on United States soil that took place on September 11.

The Future of Policing The Thin Blue Line Requires Many Layers On September 30,David Hartley and his wife were jet-skiing at Falcon Lake on the. The essay concludes with a prediction about the future of policing and suggests policies that are needed to avoid restructuring's harmful effects.

Conclusion: Police Innovation and the Future of Policing Abstract: In this volume, a group of leading scholars presented contrasting perspectives on eight major innovations in American policing developed over the course of the s and s.

The future of policing is fairly clear in what direction it is heading. It has been slowly reforming to meet the needs of the people, reduce .

The future of policing essay
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