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At them points I think there was just a slight power surge and on my graph I have circled those points. It is the same for an addition in current. There is a positive co-relation and this can be proved by theory every bit good. As the figure of coils addition the country of the magnetic field lines besides increases hence a stronger electromagnet is produced.

My hypothesis was wrong, as was my prediction. The accuracy of my results is good, I used the equipment right and carefully. But in this graph after 4. Now I will plot the graphs of both these norms. I turned out that the more number of coils there are wrapped around the nail the stronger it as, therefore it picks up more paperclips.

Most of my results are mostly the same, 10 — 40 coils picked up paperclips in the range of 6 — 1 and 50 — picked up paperclips in the range of 2 — 7. As the figure of coils addition, the magnetic field of each spiral besides increases and therefore a larger magnetic field would do the electromagnet to be stronger.

Graph at the End F1: In this graph besides we notice that there is a positive co-relationship and hence the current is proportionate to the strength of the magnet.

There is merely one anomalousness in our consequences at 20 spirals and this can be neglected as it is a really minor anomalousness. It kept fluctuating hence it may hold given inaccurate readings. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The line got higher towards the end of the graph and the finished straight at 90 — coils.

Strength of the electromagnet Paper

This can be due to the big sum of heat generated in the wires doing more opposition and the value of current would hold changed and therefore the curve in the graph. To improve my investigation I think I could have obtained more results e.

As current in a circuit increases the strength of the magnet would besides increase as the spiral is provided with more charge and therefore the field lines would be spread over a larger country and the strength would be larger.

In a yellow pen I drew what I think the line should have looked like. Also if we were using different power packs we could have tried it out with different voltages. I think they should be lower down and on my graph I marked where I think they should really be in an x pink cross.

As the figure of spirals increases the strength of the electromagnet besides increases. But after a certain current it becomes tough to keep other changeless factors like temperature which might do inaccurate consequences. Strength of an electromagnet is proportionate to the current and the figure of spirals in the solenoid.

On the 2 points that is a high number of paperclips picked up, I think they are wrong. As you can see the graph is proportionate. Conclusion In our practical we found out that the more coils there are wrapped around the nail, the stronger the electromagnet is. The line on my graph goes up and down, but stays straight at 30 coils.

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The Factors That Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet Essay - The Factors That Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet Planning What I am trying to find out. My aim is to find out the factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet. What I am going to do.

Equipment list q Power pack q (Soft) Iron core q Wire q Paper clips [IMAGE]. Strength of Electromagnet Essay Strength of an electromagnet AIM The aim of this experiment is to investigate how the strength of an electromagnet is affected by the size of the current flowing through its coils.

YOU WILL NEED A large (15cm long) iron nail A metre of insulated copper wire 6 metal paper clips A power supply (V dc) An. Experiment Results - The Strength Of An Electromagnet Aim – To find out what affects the strength of an electromagnet. Prediction – I think that the less coils of wire there are on the magnet there are the stronger the magnetic field will be.

The Strength of an Electromagnet Essay Words | 3 Pages The Strength of an Electromagnet Introduction: [IMAGE]An electric current.

The electromagnet we will be making is a very primitive one compared to that of the complexity of modern electromagnets found in machinery, but the way it works is almost identical. Electromagnetic technology is extremely complex and because it is an electromagnet, the higher the current, the stronger it becomes, and with this an electromagnet /5(3).

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The strength of an electromagnet 2 essay
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