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I then delivered a paper Truth project the topic at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in November Tackett in the program. The other three sections are essays that confront some of the overarching, worldview-defining Truth project made by the program.

In attendance was Brian Siewert who was at the time a regional director at Focus in Canada. Site Overview This site contains five sections. Although there are non sequiturs and bad implications in several of the Tours, most of the demonstrably untrue teachings can be found in Tours 2 and 5. It is thus with much regret that I have been forced to speak out against "The Truth Project" as an example of indoctrinational teaching, i.

The series is pitched to churches throughout the nation and presented through small groups led by "facilitators," folks officially trained at Focus on the Family Regional Training Conferences. Del Tackett of the Focus on the Family Institute.

So I would encourage you to read the article, familiarize yourself with the problems, and speak out when you see "The Truth Project" being used.

Then in the fall of I delivered a presentation on the topic at my seminary.

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But they did Truth project the liberty of adding my email to their emailing list so for a time I was getting the latest updates on "Focus" and "Truth Project"! These two sections should be enough to sufficiently concern those interested in The Truth Project.

It is my first attempt at reaching churches, pastors and laypeople whose foundation for their faith may have been inadvertently weakened by The Truth Project. In propagating untruths, Dr.

After getting a great response on the paper from many evangelical scholars of like-minded concern, I came back and finalized the paper. The program is a slick, media-rich presentation of the Christian worldview according to Dr.

So his presence in the curriculum should not be taken as his approval of it. Tackett in the end, you should agree that the deceptive means by which he arrives at those conclusions are irresponsible and dangerous. Tackett, I do not have a degree in any of theology, philosophy, natural science, etc.

Tackett brazenly Truth project anti-Christian. Looks pretty cool, right? Two are "Fact Check" sections. This certainly seemedd to be the Christian thing to do. Introduction A Concerned Christian I am trying my best to continually improve and refine this site based on the feedback I receive from other Christians, especially those involved in group leadership.

It is claimed that the views of Dr. He was thoroughly dismayed when I informed him of some of the content. I built this web site with a Christ-centered, truth-centered intent. And in fact he informed me that the very next day he would be seeing Del Tackett in Winnipeg so I gave him a copy of the paper to pass on.

Tackett and his associates represent reality, while those who disagree subscribe to "pernicious lies. Even if you come to the same conclusions as Dr. Please see the site updates section for more information. These "Other Christian Viewpoints" sections are less cut-and-dry than the "Fact Check" sections; the intent is merely to cogently present some legitimate Christian viewpoints that Dr.

Sadly, I have never had a single response from Focus. In them, I rebut several false claims made by Dr. They spent over two million dollars developing and producing this video series of thirteen one hour sessions and they have spent lots more promoting it in churches throughout North America and around the world.

Tackett is aware of my criticisms. Tackett and others at Focus on the Family, including their views on philosophy, science, and sociology.

Unfortunately, The Truth Project is problematic in two critical ways. It pushes a strong bifurcation between "the true worldview" and "the false worldviews," arguing both that there is a crisp division between the two and that the program represents the former side impeccably.

First, it is problematic with regard to intrachristian issues.Looking for the perfect small group Bible study on the Christian worldview? Trying to figure out what the Bible says is true? Focus on the Family's The Truth Project is an excellent starting point for looking at life from a Biblical per.

Indoctrinated: Why you should not use Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project”

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Is Genesis History? The latest Tweets from The Truth Project (@TheTruthProject). Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?. Colorado Springs, CO. A concerned Christian critiques Focus on the Family's 'The Truth Project,' a DVD-based small group curriculum designed to communicate the Christian worldview.

Welcome to The Truth Project's Small Group Support Site! Once you register, you will have access to the small group features, which enable Leaders to manage and communicate with their small groups, and provides an array of new resources for Participants and Leaders alike.

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