Writing a blog under a pseudonym is a

And that is next to death for a blog. Or am I leaving myself wide open to possible future copyright infringement? Please like or share on social media using the buttons below. If your nickname is something totally ridiculous then it is okay to partially include it, or surround it with some other keywords in your domain name.

Here are some reasons to use one. I am working on a couple of things. In fact, that is the very reason that I put a mask on in the first place. November 30, at 1: When I first started writing this blog I was early in my career as a scientist.

In certain genres, writers often prefer to conform to reader expectations or may be required to do so by their publishers.

Writing under a pseudonym

Keep reading for the exciting answers to your pop quiz. Is your preferred pseudonym easy to spell and remember? Would you prefer to err on the side of caution, protecting your loved ones from your followers or from any future career fall-out that you may suffer?

Authors who write under such house names are usually creating works-for-hire i. Today, there is no need to call yourself "Georges Sand" when "Aurore Dupin" will do just as well. Plus, your real name is Mandrake Slaughter. If you have, they are a lying, b clinically and mentally deranged, or c they actually like being a staff officer in which case refer to item b.

Issac Asimov his real name wrote Science Fiction. Am I an unethical pseudonym. Eisenhower were troublesome young majors between the two World Wars, they managed to invite the ire of the Infantry Branch on their heads by advocating combined arms warfare.

The whole idea behind military writing is to generate a conversation, engage with ideas, and continue building towards a more perfect organization. He also writes as Ian Stuart.

Why I blog under a pseudonym

Army doctrine at the time, and they would told to cease writing about it or face court martial. Is your real name so common that it could be easily confused with the name of someone else for instance, a highly publicized white collar criminal or another author in your fiction genre?Ever since I started writing under the guise of Angry Staff Officer, I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “Why do you blog under a pseudonym?” Or, more belligerently, “Why do you hide behind a pseudonym?”.

Often, writing under a pseudonym is as easy as putting the phrase "writing as" on your manuscript. For articles, short stories, and poetry, you can simply put your real name in the upper left corner of your manuscript (or on the cover page), and list your pen name as your byline beneath the title.

30 thoughts on “ Writing under a pseudonym ” Joe Hartlaub on March 21, at am said: I at one point considered writing a series of science fiction bondage porn, ala the Gor series, under the pen name “John Ramsay Gilstrap.”.

Having a blog isn’t a particularly novel hobby. Almost everyone seems to have one, especially on Twitter, but writing a blog under a pseudonym is relatively rare (at least in the circles I move in).

How To Create a Popular Blog Under a Nickname (a Pseudonym) Last updated on April 27, by Greg Narayan | 16 Comments There’s a lot you can do to make a blog popular these days.

How To Create a Popular Blog Under a Nickname (a Pseudonym)

I feel like I need to say that I’m writing under a pseudonym because I oddly feel like a fraud even though pen names are normal. With that being said, even though I like my pen name, should I continue to use it without having to say that it is a pen name?

Writing a blog under a pseudonym is a
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