Writing a football recruiting letter to players

With all of the anticipation of Christmas morning, my son watched as you gave jersey numbers of choice only to those with the greatest potential for success according to you. Thank you, Coach, for then confusing "underachievers" by telling them numbers on jerseys are irrelevant in football.

Using email and some hard work, you can ensure college coaches know who you are and how to contact you.

An Open Letter to My Son's Coach

In your opinion, youth talent trumped heart and hard work. It is important to make a great first impression in collegiate athletic recruiting and it is difficult to convey your personality and genuine interest through an email.

If for no other reason, having the resume will allow you to easily complete all of the online profiles teams require prospects to complete. It should be formal, well written, but still have a personal touch.

4 Must-Have’s in a Cover Letter to a College Coach

They are all softball examples but it will give an idea of the importance of including athletic stats. You turned a blind eye. Metro Express Player Recruiting Guide. The next section is to give a little more information about yourself and to show the coach why you would be a good fit for their program.

Instead, tease a few key stats that you think this coach would be interested in knowing.

How to Email College Coaches

She told me about your coaching style and I believe that, based on your emphasis on work ethic and training, I would be a great fit for your program. I am currently a starter on my AAU basketball team and am a four-year varsity starter for my high school team.

With a college coach, this will hopefully be the beginning of a relationship and you want to put your best foot forward.

Football Recruiting Letter

Tips to make your email stand out: Include your basic info, there is no need to detail every award or stat from the last few years. I will be competing in an AAU tournament near you on September. There are numerous reasons you would be emailing a college coach.

Sample Email to College Coaches

As coaches, we know prospective students are more responsive to personal communication. Who You Are, Athletics, and Academics Coaches need to know your name and graduation year immediately so they know whether or not they should respond to your e-mail right away. Therefore, I want to introduce myself and give you some information about my athletic and academic backgrounds.

Cover the Big Three: Name, graduation year, high school and club name Academics: The second section includes just sample resume and letters. Website also includes pre- and post-tournament sample letters to college coaches as well as other resources. Here are some tips for writing a quality cover letter for coaches.

And yes, you should have an athletic resume. There used to be a sample in-season Division 1 athlete schedule to show the time commitment required. It has 2 cover letter samples. Read receipts will let you know if a coach has received and opened your email, so you can be sure to follow up accordingly.

Does the program offer any camps you can attend? Your Club Team and Number — Be specific because your club program likely has teams per age group. Your true character was revealed over and over again. Develop a spreadsheet that tracks your progress with each college you have contacted.

Are there players from your state or area on the team?

Recruiting Column: How to get your first email noticed by college coaches

Some of my best accomplishments to date are [list your top two or three best times, awards or recognitions]. Simple, easy to modify template in Word format.

Spend the time necessary to get this right, or your email will be deleted after the coach reads just a few words.

And, thank you for teaching youth that approval of non-standard apparel was afforded only to "star" athletes. I wanted to connect with you because I would love to be part of this competitive team. This shows coaches you are genuinely interested in their program, and they will spend more time reviewing your information and video.Generic subject lines like “football recruit” or “looking to play for you” and even “talented high school football prospect” are going to blend into the background of the coach’s inbox.

Instead, do you have an interesting stat? Sample Email to College Coaches. The recruiting process is starting earlier than ever. In an effort to lock up the most talented recruits, the top colleges are recruiting and offering scholarships to athletes in the 8th and 9th grade.

They need to know where you are playing so they can add you to their list of players to watch. Template. An Open Letter to My Son's Coach Coach, your words of advice, "Arrive on time, prepared and ready to deliver a best effort," were met with an eager-to-please attitude from my year-old son.

LETTER OF INTRODUCTION TO THE COLLEGE COACH EXAMPLE 1. 7/3/ Attention: Coach John Doe Football Recruiting Coach, University of Notre Dame C Joyce Center Notre Dame, IN Dear Coach Doe; My name is Joe Blow and I am asking you to consider me as a future prospect for the University Notre Dame football.

The following are sample emails/letters to send College Head Coaches. Always avoid sending group emails to coaches and fill in the blanks with the appropriate information.

#6 Request College team’s Spring schedule to watch them play (best to send this letter in either January or February, but. Word document that has a sample resume, coaches letter, and samples of other letters to keep the coach updated including a thank you letter.

(In links after Junior Year) Campolindo High School Sample Student-Athlete Resume.

Writing a football recruiting letter to players
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