Writing a pioneer journal cover

I opened writing a pioneer journal cover photo of one of my students For the journals you will also need either lined or unlined paper. I included a Pioneer Portrait of each student. Students brought hats, bonnets, vests, scarves, aprons, and more. My three hole punch works well too.

Pioneer Journal

During our study of pioneer and The Oregon Trail, pioneer journals are fun way for students to use their creative brains, practice their narrative writing, and share what they are learning with others! You will need a large paper bag for each student.

Pioneer Writing Prompts

The materials you will need for making the journals are pretty easy to come by. It is heavy duty and works great! And here are the final results! I think this would be a great project for any history class. This added a bit more graininess to the photo.

When I was done editing all of the photographs, I sent them to Costco for printing. I photo edited more on how to do this later in the post and had the photos printed over the weekend so that we could finish our journals the next week.

This Swingline hole punch is adjustable with a little effort and I was able to punch 5 holes. This filter made the photo more brown, which is what I was wanting. If you know of tricks and tips that would make the process better, please share them in the comments.

This means they will need to crinkle it up and smooth it out over and over and over and over and over again! The more they work their paper, the more it breaks down the paper fibers and it gets softer and softer.

The next week, I had a wonderful parent volunteer cut ovals in the front covers of all of my journals. This is a great way for students to practice narrative writing while learning about a history!

I just had students bring them from home. After journals are bound, have students title their journals. All I used was my iPhone and a photo editing app called Snapseed. It was as simple as using masking tape and taping the portraits on the inside cover of each journal.

Using the handle pieces, she glued a small part in the front to make a loop. After that introduction, we get busy making our journals! Since the events and language need to be historically accurate in the writing, journals and diaries written from the perspective of a historical figure or an imaginary person during an important time in history is a meaningful way for students to construct a deeper understanding of the past and share that understanding with others.

While I took the photographs, the rest of the students were working on their journals or getting dressed in their pioneer garb.

We used this oval cutter by Fiskars, purchased specifically for this project! Once the ovals were cut, the photos were added. In class, we used yarn that I had on hand to bind our books.

I was pretty impressed! When you are done, you will have one large section. The paper should wrap around both the front and the back to make both covers.

It makes my heart happy! Wagon trains earn points which help them move along the trail. Much of what we know about pioneer life and the trip west we know because of these primary documents. The paper will rip pretty easily. This may become a regular addition to the pioneer journals in the future!Choose from our wide selection of Journals & Diaries and get fast & free shipping on select orders.

0 Journal & Diary Cover Material +-clear. Younger children enjoy practicing handwriting and doodling out ideas in a whimsically-designed diary or writing journal. Older kids and teens appreciate having a place to jot down private thoughts.

Pioneer Journal. Subject. Math, Science, Social Studies of the th day of school, we will take a Frizzle style journey, years back in time.

We will explore life as a pioneer on the Oregon Trail and develop schema on the Western Expansion, primary style. A- Pioneer Cover Art and Back Cover Sort (What would be in a Pioneer's Wagon 4/5(15).

Classroom DIY: Pioneer Journals If you are anything like me, you are always in search of ways to keep your writers writing.

When I can integrate writing with another subject area, it is a win-win!

Writing Journal Cover and Lined Page Format {FREE}

It was as simple as using masking tape and taping the portraits on the inside cover of each journal. And here are the final results! They turned. This is a very basic cover and journal page format.

The journal page has room for a picture and lines on the front, and just lines on the back. Writing Journal Cover and Lined Page Format {FREE} Subject. English Language Arts, Writing. Grade Levels. Kindergarten, 1 st, 2 nd, Homeschool. Resource Type.

Printables, Classroom Forms. 4/5(19). Creative Writing. Creative Writing. Creative Writing. Creative Writing. Creative Writing. Creative Writing. Cut out a piece of graph paper as large as the cover. You will use this to create a template for the pages that will be bound inside.

It will be my fun addiction once I retire and can’t afford to buy journal after journal after. Our Pioneer Writing Journal is made with a solid leather cover (choose from 4 colors) and includes 90 sheets of blank paper. You can easily refill it with any 6 hole journal paper - or of course you can cut your own to fit!

This makes a great, thoughtful gift. Journal Size 6&.

Writing a pioneer journal cover
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